Jitsie GasGas Exhaust Silencer Packing - JT/JTR/JTX/TX/TXT/Pro/Racing/Raga/Factory/GP 1995 - 2020

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Jitsie OEM GasGas Silencer Wadding, keep the noise down and the performance up.

This OEM Exhaust Packing is suitable for the following Gas Gas models from 1995 onwards:

  • JT 250/350
  • JTR 250/270/370
  • JTX 250/270/320
  • TX 125/200/250/270/320
  • TXT 125/200/249/270/321
  • TXT Pro 125/200/250/280/300
  • Racing 125/250/280/300
  • Raga 125/250/280/300
  • Factory 250/300
  • GP 125/250/280/300

A good way to check if your silencer needs repacking is to tap on the outer surface at various points. If it sounds hollow at any point then its best to repack, if it makes a dull thud then its usually ok, if in doubt just repack.

Please wear gloves when repacking to avoid skin irritation.

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