GasGas Engine Gasket Kit - TXT Pro/Raga/Racing - 2002 - 2013

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Athena Quality Aftermarket Gasket Set for the GasGas TXT Pro range of engines.

Contents included fit the following engine size from 2002 to 2013:

  • TXT Pro 125/200/250/280/300
  • Raga 125/250/280/300
  • Racing 125/250/280/300

The Kit includes:

  • Head O-Rings
  • Head Copper Washers
  • Base Gasket
  • Centre Gasket
  • Clutch Case Gasket
  • Ignition Cover Gasket
  • Reed Block Gasket
  • Exhaust Gasket

Does NOT include any oil seals or exhaust o-rings.

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