Apico Thread Lock Adhesive - High Strength 10ML

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Apico Thread Locker Adhesive.

Apico Eco Lock-High Strength Retainer is produced from the latest non-hazardous technology incorporating a bespoke group of high purity raw materials.

This unique future-proof technology ensures that the product label requires no hazard symbols or risk and safety phrases, and enables the product to comply with even the most stringent health and safety requirements.

Apico Eco Lock-High Strength Retainer is a high strength medium velocity retaining compound, designed to bond close fitting metal surfaces with an intimate structural strength.

Especially suited to bonding cylindrical fitting parts whilst maintaining an unfaltering bond under all levels of cyclic load stress distribution.

Typical Applications:

  • Locking of threaded fasteners, bolts, studs
  • High strength retention of bearings
  • Locking of keys and splines
  • Bonding rotors, bushes and sleeves to shafts
  • Can help secure loose or worn parts

Instructions For Use:

  • Ensure surfaces are clean and dry
  • Shake the product thoroughly before application
  • Apply the adhesive to the fixing position of the fastener
  • Assemble components and tighten to required torque level
  • Allow to fully cure before applying load

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