NGK Iridium Spark Plug - Beta/GasGas/Scorpa/Sherco

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NGK Iridium BPR5EIX, the workhorse at the heart of smooth-running engine around the world.

Iridium is a hard material, and in most cases, iridium spark plugs last about 25 percent longer than comparable copper/platinum spark plugs.

Because Iridium is very costly in itself, iridium spark plugs have a reduced diameter of the center electrode, in addition to saving money, the “fine wire” center electrode on iridium spark plugs increases firing efficiency and can help easier starting.

  • OEM quality
  • Triple-gasket sealing process
  • Consistent performance

Suitable for:

  • Sherco 125/200/250/290/300 1999-2017
  • GasGas 125/200/250/280/300 1999-2018
  • Beta 125/200/250/270/290/300 2000-Onwards
  • Scorpa Twenty 125/250/300 2015-2017
  • Scorpa 125/250
  • TRS Gold 300 2019

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