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Web Consultant

To help with the project management, optimization and content of our site we chose to use a specialist web consultant. Local web consultants Media Spy were able to provide a range of invaluable marketing services to us, including web copywriting, content sourcing, video presentation and direction, web optimisation and marketing strategy consultation. Media Spy also helped manage the project; working in tangent with the web designer to result in an ecommerce website that not only looks great, but functions exceptionally well as a marketing tool.

Web Designer

Ben Sky, a local, Leeds based web designer, provided design concepts and brand strategy, working with Media Spy and us to arrive at a design concept and direction that was visually and functionally sensational. Ben then proceeded to build an entire ecommerce system from scratch that was completely tailored to specific requirements outlined by us and Media Spy.


The partnership between Media Spy and Ben Sky goes deeper than just working towards building bespoke ecommerce websites, though. Websites can now be bought from these two experts on a per call basis, meaning that all the risk normally associated with buying marketing, advertising and paying for a website upfront is removed. With a per call website, you only pay if the phone rings.

Why use a Web Consultant Service?

Bringing in a web consultant for our project has added immeasurable value to our website because a consultant ensures that you get the best quality in terms of web optimization, website designers, website copywriters and photographers, meaning we were able to fully outsource the management and creation of our website to professionals at every level.

Best of all, while your website is being created and built by experts, you get to spend your time doing what you do best - running your business.

Safe and Secure

Safe and secure

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