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Important news for New EVO MY 2012, the displacement grows and the bike becomes easier to ride.

A constant evolution of the motorcycle, the chassis and engines, 2012betaevolhcopy.jpgalways developed to support expert and hobby riders. This is the approach followed by Beta to improve the version EVO 2012, which follow the great success of the EVO 2011 range and allow to remain at the top of the world’s Trial market.

The experience gained during the season and participation in major World competitions, has allowed further refinement of a motorcycle already the reference of the category.
”Top of the range” EVO makes a further step by the 2T displacement which increases from 290cc to 300cc. Also introduced were a series of changes designed to further improve performance, ergonomics and ease of maintenance.
From an aesthetic point of view the EVO MY2012 is aligned to the new Beta "family feeling", associating black frame with a bright red, very "Italian Style".
Donato Miglio, Factory Beta Trial Team Manager, comments on the new EVO: "The new 300cc engine is probably the biggest evolution made since EVO  birth. This is an entirely new engine, very similar to that used by Factory riders in the last year,  very progressive and at the same time powerful and with a large reserve of torque. We believe we have made available for every rider the performances of a highly competitive bike, very easy to approach by hobby riders and highly competitive while using in the race. "

New Features 

-          New 300cc engine: the entire cylinder has been completely redesigned carrying the bore to 79mm and the displacement to 300cc. The piston has been redesigned in the profile and shape of the top, to improve combustion characteristics. We have also changed the profile of the combustion chamber to optimize engine behaviour and performances. These changes allow a significant increase in torque combined with a greater power at high engine speeds. This allows an improved ease of driving, most immediate and progressive reactions to throttle opening and easier management of the bike especially by hobby users. At the same time, increased engine power allows performance improvement in competition. The power and torque curves graphically represent the different behaviour of the 290cc engine and the new  300cc. 


-          New clutch plates: improve torque transmission, especially in higher gears, increase the progression and convey a better feeling when you look for traction in low grip conditions. 

-          Thermostat of the radiator is now located at the bottom of the radiator for improved accuracy and precision.

-          Revised gearbox cam with a different thickness, for even smoother gear engagement.

-          New suspension setting, optimize for the new 300cc displacement and improved for the all the other models. 

-          Lights switch positioned laterally next to radiator fan. Less interference when driving in extreme position, less space taken on the handlebar and easy maintenance in case of replacement of the handlebar.

-          Electrical system modified for a better layout and simplification of the cables.

-          New colour for the front fork tubes for an exclusive look **.

-          New colour and new graphics aligned to the coordinate image of Beta range and "Made in Italy” style **.

-          Availabilty: end of September 2011


 **:  Also for EVO 250 / 300 4T MY 2012



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