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About us

The incredible success of Trials UK over the last 3 years has taken us from a relatively small, well hidden commercial unit into a purpose built store. If things continue as they are, we’ll have to make another move into even bigger premises soon!

Set up in 2007, we had clear and well defined goals for our business. Quite simply, the customer was going to be King, before, during and after the sale.

We wanted to make sure that everyone who came into contact with our company left feeling that they would return again and again.

The humble beginnings of Trials UK are now a distant memory for us as the business has recently been forced to move into new premises to deal with the sheer volume of business that comes through the door, over the phone or from our website.

Our team has grown too with owners Nige Pearson and Nick Cox being joined by apprentice mechanic “Factory John” Bellwood and part time assistant Phil. Meet any of the members of staff and you see that we’re all fiercely passionate about our sport, and our customers. The sport of trials undoubtedly runs in the blood at Trials UK.

Trials UK Shop

Trials UK Shop

Trials UK Shop

A store full of just what you want

Finding everything you need in one place can be challenging, but through our store we’ve developed a bit of a reputation for stocking exactly what trials riders want when it comes to clothing, parts and lubricants, and we’ve duplicated that with our website. Through our online store you can buy clothing from the biggest manufacturers, parts for all trials bikes and lubricants from the most trusted names in the business.

If you’re looking for a new trials bike, look no further. We can confidently boast that we offer one the most thorough factory preps of new bikes possible, making sure that your bike is ready to ride competitively the minute it leaves the store.

People tell us that our aftercare is pretty special too and again, something we pride ourselves on. So, in the event that you have a problem with one of your

purchases, as sometimes happens, all of us at Trials UK are here to help.

With a blend of dedication, commitment and sheer hard work, we’ve quickly grown a business from nothing and have established ourselves as one of the premier trials specialist outlets in the North. Customer focus and passion for the sport at a grass roots level has ensured that we look forward to a fruitful and successful future.

Safe and Secure

Safe and secure

Unsure What to Buy?

Struggling to find something for Christmas or a Birthday? Save yourself the stress and buy a Trials UK Gift Voucher!

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