NEW Black Ducks Wax Water Repelling Cream Polish Kit 100ml for Leather-Clothing-Wood-Boots-Shoes-Saddles

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NEW BLACK Ducks Wax Kit -

The Ultimate water repellent now in new black version to restore your black boots, shoes and saddles, plus much more! Kit comes complete with applicator sponge and protective rubber glove 

Ducks Wax High Performance Waterproof Boot Cream Polish with free applicator sponge

Ducks Wax is made in the UK and extends the life of your leather and wax cotton items. The ultimate in long lasting protection and won't stain stitching. Duck Wax is a sweet smelling leather food that will moisturize, soften and preserve your leather. It also helps to waterproof your items by drastically reducing water absorption, causing water to form beads and run off the surface. It also conditions and revives the look of the leather or wax fabric. Works on wax cotton (Barbour type) jackets too!
DucksWax is a 100% natural product that breathes new life into your leather. It penetrates the outer skin, conditioning and helping maintain its natural suppleness. Once applied the surface is left grease free making DucksWax the perfect treatment for -
- Leather Boots
- Leather Shoes
- Horse Saddles and Tack
- Wax Jackets
- Leather furniture
- Leather car seats
- Leather Clothing
- Treating timber to enhance grain
For all outdoor gear DucksWax repels water and moisture and is a favourite amongst Motorcyclists, Horse riders, Golfers, Hikers and anybody working outdoors.
DucksWax is translucent and can be applied to all colours/types of material and restores the natural sheen to all leather surfaces. Even restores the sheen on faded wooden furniture and enhances the grain and comes in a handy easy to use jar with Free applicator sponge.

Use DucksWax and Keep the water on the outside!

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