Fuel Friend Emergency Petrol/Fuel Bottle - 0.5LTR Capacity

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Genuine FUEL-FRIEND 0.5LTR Handy Fuel/Petrol Container.

This is the 0.5 litre handy sized bottle which is ideal for back packs and attaching to motorcycles for piece of mind. Nothing more worrying than being low on fuel miles from a filling station and essential if you run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, especially for trials riders competing in the SSDT or Scott!


  • Extremely well made in Germany to a high specification and strength by Hunersdorff.
  • 100mm High
  • 95mm Wide
  • 53mm Deep
  • Including the cap it is 155mm high.
  • The inside diameter of the filler neck is 18mm.
  • Weighs 200g approx.

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