2020 Gas Gas TXT Racing Trials

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Chassis: new swingarm and rear section

New elements in the rear section in addition to the new aluminium swingarm with its

progressive linkage system, include the two-way Öhlins hydraulic monoshock with 174 mm

travel and the new anchorage between the swingarm, the chrome-molybdenum tubular

chassis and the engine with bearings double sealed to the exterior, which ensure a hermetic

finish and provide a perfect balance between stability, traction and the reaction capacity of the

rear shock absorber in the most demanding and uncompromising trial zones for riders.

An absolute redesign of the swingarm and link that give a new progressiveness to the models

of the new GasGas TXT Racing 2020 range, increasing its stability and improving the traction

and precision of the rear section.

If we look at the mid section, the changes in the anchoring system and the modification of the

chassis, to accommodate the new swingarm, have allowed small details such as the

replacement of the old conical head screws of the previous models with the new standard

Allen type, much more robust and durable. Also there is the incorporation of new bearings in

the brake pedal, with the aim of eliminating any type of play and maintaining the smoothness

of its feel despite the wear caused by the passage of time in this type of component.

The new design of the front mudguard concentrates many of the new features of a front

section that once again shows a commitment to the excellent response of the 39 mm diameter

Tech fork with 18 cm of travel, already used in previous versions of the brand. Components

such as Michelin Trial tires NG disc brakes and the Braktec callipers that mean a guarantee of

quality for riders in terms of traction and braking.

Engine: Maximum reliability and great performance

Often external changes are a reflection of an internal renewal, as in the case of the new TXT

Racing 2020, where this season's models adopt highly relevant developments in the engine. If

we delve into its heart, we find one of the main modifications of this model: new crankshaft

bearings that ensure the correct lubrication of the engine, ensure the hermetic fit of the

assembly and, in turn, allow its easy and convenient maintenance from the exterior.

The new trial range from the company in Girona will be manufactured in the usual engines

sizes of 300, 280, 250 and 125 cc, counting on its compact, light single-cylinder water cooled 2

stroke engines with six-speed gearbox.

In addition to the proven reliability and resistance of its engines, new kevlar clutch discs are

incorporated in this range with a new spring and new variable preload. In this same section,

the clutch cover constitutes one of the remarkable new features of this edition. A cover

divided in two parts in order to simplify access and maintenance, and facilitate the removal of

the clutch discs, a job that now requires only the simple operation of removing the outer


Front mudguard with integrated fork brace

• Swingarm

• Chain tensioner, sprocket protector, rear disc

• Clutch cover

• Basic colors: motor, plastics, anodized parts, etc…


• Aluminium swingarm

• Chain tensioner removable without taking off the swingarm

• More effective Braktec brake cylinder

• Easy-to-assemble and more protected chain tensioner

• Brake disc protector mounted directly to the calliper

• Guide for the rear brake hose

• Sprocket protector

• Linkage providing a perfect balance between stability and reactivity of the rear shock assembly

• Ohlins 2-way shock absorber providing extra stability

• Mounting point between swingarm, chassis, and engine, now with double-sealed bearings to prevent entry of water and grime

• Side-stand with integrated protrusion for easy operation by rider’s foot


• Modification of the frame to accommodate the new swingarm

• Use of Allen screws, much more robust and durable

• Bearings in the brake pedal, eliminating any type of play and keeping smooth feel after extended use


• Front brake assembly with Braktec calliper, more rigid, precise, and robust even in the most extreme conditions

• Brake pads now guided at the top to ensure perfect sliding movement

• Braktec clutch cylinder with improvements in the interior finish and in the shape of the master cylinder seals


• Clutch improvements

• Clutch discs manufactured with Kevlar

• Clutch spring design

• Clutch Preload system to improve power delivery

• New two-piece clutch cover for easy maintenance

• Crankshaft bearings that ensure proper lubrication and airtight seal

• Maintenance of crankshaft bearings is carried out without splitting cases

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